CPHS Standards for Adoption

  1. Animals are available for adoption to residents living within the adoption area of the Central PA Humane Society, including Blair, Bedford, Huntingdon, Cambria, Somerset, Centre and Clearfield counties (if not altered). All persons living in household are encouraged to be involved in the selection of the pet. If single and living at home with parents, one parent must be present at the time of adoption.
  2. Permission of the landlord is required of persons living on rental property.
  3. Animals will be placed with adults of legal age, to be kept as household pets and not work to serve only as guards, hunters, or mousers.
  4. All adopted pets must be spayed or neutered by the date entered on the Contract and always be current on vaccinations and rabies inoculations.
  5. Owners are required to provide each companion animal with adequate food, water, shelter, space, exercise, and veterinary care and humane treatment. Cruelty and/or neglect shall be deemed to exist if this animal is: (a) inadequately maintained for health (vaccines, food, water, housing, and minimal physical   grooming). (b) is repetitiously running at large creating a public health, welfare, and safety problem, or (c) is physically harmed in any way.
  6. No animal will be adopted as a gift for another person.
  7. According to Pennsylvania Dog Laws, all dogs must be kept under control and not to be allowed to run at large.  Because chained dogs are at higher risk of being stolen, a fenced yard is recommended. This provision can be waived at the discretion of the Humane Society staff.
  8. Cats are to be adopted as indoor pets only.
  9. At the discretion of CHPS staff, puppies and kittens under three months of age may be placed in homes with children under six years provided there will be adequate parental supervision.
  10. No animal will be adopted to persons having an extensive history of losing, giving away, selling, or having animals injured or killed by moving vehicles.
  11. Animals that are known to have exhibited vicious tendencies or other serious behavioral disorders are not available for adoption.