how you can help

A Varied Volunteer Experience

CPHS employs 15-2o full or part-time employees tasked to care for approximately 45 dogs and 100 cats each day. We would be hard pressed to find time to complete all of our tasks without our dedicated volunteers. They are truly the heart of the shelter, and without them our animals would miss out on a variety of experiences that make them well-rounded, adoptable pets.

CPHS offers a wide variety of volunteer experiences. Each helps us meet our goal of providing every animal in our care with a dignified living space, enrichment, socialization, and medical care during their stay with us. Love animals but not ready to work hands on with shelter pets? That’s OK! CPHS provides plenty of ways to help without working directly with our residents.

Ways to Help

Dog Walking

Cage and Kennel Cleaning

Dog and Cat Socializing

Public Relations and Events Assistance

Office Assistance



Customer Service or Greeter

Photography and Videography

Groundskeeping and Maintenance