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Our Mission

Helping People and Animals

The Central PA Humane Society (CPHS), serving Blair and surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania, is a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping animals and people.

The primary goal of CPHS is to find loving homes for adoptable animals.

The Central PA Humane Society: A Lifesaving Shelter

There are no time limits for animals in our shelter. Animals remain available for adoption as long as they are physically and mentally healthy. The Central PA Humane Society does not euthanize adoptable pets.

The designation of “no-kill” can be applied to any shelter that euthanizes less than 10 percent of their animals a year, for reasons of health and temperament. CPHS has met this designation and has provided a safe haven and forever homes to more than 90% of animals that enter our facility.

Our adoption programs, our outreach to rescue groups, and our use of foster care have created a flow of animals in and out of our shelter that, more often than not, leaves us with space available. CPHS won’t euthanize for an illness that can be treated, behavior that can be modified, or for a length of stay, providing there is quality of life for the pet.

Because definitions such as treatable and modified can vary with each case and we question the need for definitions or catch-phrases, we at CPHS choose to refer to our shelter and the work we do here as “LIFE-SAVING” rather than “No-Kill.”

Support From Our Community

We need the support of our community because there are more animals than there are homes available and the cost of providing shelter and medical care is staggering.  The Central PA Humane Society receives little or no governmental support and depends almost entirely on the community and its generosity.

Image by Jonas Vincent
Image by Ricky  Kharawala

our mission

To prevent animal neglect and cruelty through education and enforcement while providing a safe haven and finding forever homes for those in need.


our vision

The vision of CPHS is to meet the needs of the animals in our community through communication, compassion, and conviction.


your help

It’s only through donations and fundraising efforts that we are able to do our job each day and bring some hope to our many residents.

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