Meet Our Team

The staff and the animals here at our Shelter are happy to have you visit with us!

The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society has a dedicated staff of 15-20 full and part-time professionals including Animal Care Attendants, Adoption Counselors, Humane Police Officers, and Administrative staff.

Humane Police Officer

The CPHS Humane Police Officer investigates claims of animal cruelty or neglect, educates pet owners on proper animal care, and catches stray animals in the community.

Shelter Manager

The Shelter Manager oversees the day to day operation of the shelter and consults with veterinarians, trainers, and staff members to determine the best interest of each animal at CPHS.

Adoption Counselor

The Adoption Counselors at CPHS work diligently to place animals in forever homes.  Their goal is the choose the perfect match for the animal that best fits that animals needs. 

Animal Care Associates / Attendants.

The Animal Care Attendants at CPHS ensure that each animal in our care has a clean, comfortable place to live, food and water.  The Animal Care Associates do the same job as the attendants, but also give prescribed medications, and work on animal intakes and adoptions, showcasing adoptable animals and servicing public inquiries. 

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator recruits and trains new volunteers to walk dogs and socialize cats, coordinates and staffs events, and assists in the grant writing process to fund shelter programming.


Business Development Director

The Business Development Director organizes CPHS’s finances, orders supplies needed for the shelter, and is responsible for administrative tasks like payroll.

Outreach and Development Director

The Outreach and Development Director makes connections with businesses in the area to obtain sponsorship for the CPHS fundraisers and events that fund the operating costs of the shelter.

Board of Directors

Paul Lang, President

Dr. Kayla Whitfield DVM, Vice President

Shirley Heiberg, Secretary

Tamsen Nuss

Atty. David Gorman

Linda Burns

Leo Burg

Liz Bambocci

Sabrina Brickner

Atty. Dan Kiss

Charlotte Ames Eichelberger

Ronald Heller

Mike Wagner, Solicitor

Paul Davis, Honorary

Dan Lawruk, Honorary

Robert Pennington, Honorary

Board Member Candidate Application

Ensuring the welfare of our community’s unwanted and lost animals is central to what we do. If you would like to join us, please download the Board Member Candidate Application and mail to: ATTN: Shirley Heiberg, Board Secretary 1837 East Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, PA 16602