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CPHS is proud to participate in the Shelter Animals Count and Million Cat Challenge programs.

Shelter Animals Count is a collaborative effort of United States shelters. The program tracks animal intakes, adoptions, rescue transfers, and euthanasia rates. The program’s goal is to increase the number of live releases–adoptions or transfers to rescues–while decreasing euthanasia rates.

CPHS takes great pride in the data submitted to Shelter Animals Count. It is a visual representation of the lifesaving work being performed, the extent of which is reflected in our 5% euthanasia rate in 2020. This rate falls well below the national standard of 10% of the annual intake to qualify as a no-kill shelter.

Shelter count 2020.png

As a proud lifesaving shelter, CPHS is committed to transparency. This transparency is simply and accurately conveyed by our Lifesaving Percentage. For 2020, our Lifesaving Percentage was an astounding 95%. This number was calculated using the following formula provided by Maddie’s Fund:

By applying that formula to our current Shelter Animals Count data, CPHS and its supporters are able to keep tabs on our current Lifesaving Percentage.

Questions about our Lifesaving Percentage or shelter statistics? Please, ask! Email Dylan at for clarification on your questions.

CPHS is also a proud participant in Bissell’s Partners for Pets Program, which donates money to shelters and rescue groups in the hopes that every displaced animal will find a home.

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