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Lost & Found Pets

Found a Lost or Stray Animal?

If you have found a pet, please contact us at (814) 942-5402. Contacting your local shelter is THE BEST THING you can do because it increases the possibility of connecting with the pet with its rightful owners.

You can also search national lost/found databases such as Finding Rover.

What to Do if You Lose Your Pet

If you have lost an animal, please call the Central PA Humane Society as soon as possible to make a lost animal report to one of our staff members. This report includes a detailed description of your pet, the last place it was seen, and the best way to reach you in the event that your pet makes its way into the shelter.

Feel free to visit the Central PA Humane Society to look for your pet. Also make sure to utilize our Facebook page, as we post pictures of all animals that come in as strays and descriptions of deceased animals who are brought to us. You should also check regularly with other local shelters, and it might help to also check the national lost/found databases in our Resources Section. Below you’ll find more tips on searching for your lost pet.

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